Let Me Introduce You To The Avatars!


Michael’s desire to form a band in Doha started a few years back.

Music jams with friends were fun, but rock and roll is in his blood……


So back in September, 2016 Michael collected a group of musicians and started the Avatars.

Our dining room was then transformed into a music studio….with the option of a recording booth made of our curtains……



And the first round of the Avatars is born…..


Over time some musicians came and went……


This year a solid clique happened!

Starting on the left is Joe – rhythm guitar, Michael – lead guitar, keyboards & singer, Michele – lead singer, Daniel – bass and Vish – drums!



With regular gigs happening…..


And a regular group of groupies (posing with the lead singer Michele)……me – Michael’s wife, Maria – Daniel’s girlfriend and Michelle – Joe’s wife!!  🙂




Michael is a rock star of Doha!!!!!

S.  xo

One Comment Add yours

  1. Carl L Ford says:

    Hi Stephanie & Mike. You have quite an internet presence! Lots of interesting things too. I finally got some time to put a rough YouTube video together of my song “Festival Feet”.
    Here it is. Enjoy!: https://youtu.be/FL8EUl12fLc

    As I get time, I will be making an
    actual music video with a multitude of “festival feet” images incorporated into it.
    I hope all is well with you .


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