Christmas Break 2017 = Countdown to Christmas in Prague, Czech Republic!

For Christmas Break this year, Michael and I will once again be traveling through Central Europe!  Last year we drove all around Switzerland with trips into Italy & France.  This year we land in Prague, and start our trip driving through the surrounding countries of Germany and Austria with the last week of our holidays  – Christmas – in Prague!

We booked a charming apartment in the Vinohrady District, Prague 2.   I’ve read this is a trendy, residential area know for its ranking among the top in Prague for the quality and quantity of its restaurants!!!  I’ll talk about food, one of my favourite topics, in a bit!!!

According to Google Maps, our rented Airbnb apartment in the Vinohrady District is:

I’m really excited about the Christmas Markets in Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square!  I can’t wait to be surrounded by the magic of Christmas in such a historical and beautiful city!

Now lets talk about food!

There are many traditional Czech dishes I am excited to try!

  1. Palacinky  – a thin pancake that is similar to a French crepe that is rolled and filled with sweet jams, fruit or chocolate or savory meat and cheeses!  Yum!!
  2. Svickova – beef sirloin in cream sauce served with bread dumplings!!  Oh yeah!!!!
  3. Vepro-knedlo-zelo – roast pork, bread dumplings and stewed cabbage!!  Feel good food!!!!
  4. Gulas/Goulash – this beef stew, from what I’ve read, is basically chunks of beef in a thick gravy served with bread dumplings!!!  I can’t wait to taste the gravy!!!!
  5. Trdelnik – this is a poplar street vendor treat that I’m SO excited about!  Dough is wrapped on a spit, grilled on an open flame, then topped with a sugar and walnut mix!!
  6. Czech Hot Dog – another street food where a boiled or steamed sausage is dipped in mustard and served in a roll with a hole made inside!!   Bring it!!!!
  7. Apple Strudel – this yumminess is rolled up in a pastry!!
  8. Smazeny Syr – deep fried cheese!!!!!!!!!  Need I say more……

Well….I’m starting to get really hungry!!!!   This is me last Christmas in Kandersteg, Switzerland devouring a delicious German sausage wrapped in a pastry, dipped in mustard……..


Speaking of Kandersteg……..

Last year we were in Kandersteg on Christmas Eve.  Tucked in at the base of the Swiss Alps, we celebrated that evening in a traditional Swiss-German way with an evening of fine dining and extraordinary food with Father Christmas who stopped by for a visit to read the story of Christmas then pass out gifts; next we walked a short distance to the small stone Catholic church for Christmas Eve mass, spoken in Swiss German.  The night was truly magical.  Unforgettable.

I wonder what restaurant we will eat in this Christmas Eve?  What Czech Christmas traditions will we be a part of?  Oh! As mentioned the Church of St Ludmila is a 5  minute walk away from where we are staying, so hopefully this beautiful cathedral has a Christmas Eve mass!!!   I’m SO excited for another magical Christmas in Central Europe!!!!!!

S.  xo



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