Little Ditty About Shake Shack

No, this isn’t a song – I just thought the title sounded catchy!  

So far, Shake Shack is my favorite burger joint in Doha!  This is Shake Shack in Gulf Mall.

Shake Shack


Why?  Because I like the size of the cheeseburger – small!!  The burgers are not this ginormous, messy, hard to eat burger with ingredients slipping out the other end as I take a bite….as well as me having to use a thousand napkins to wipe my fingers and mouth after every bite…..

Shake Shack burgers are just a nice size burger that fills me enough!  My burger of choice is the ShackBurger.  This cheeseburger has lettuce, tomatoes, and shacksauce.  This tangy mayo sauce is the best part of the burger!!!

And don’t forget the cheese fries!  Crinkle-cut fries with a yummy cheese sauce poured on top!!

Normally I order their vanilla milkshake….but with my cholesterol up…I had water instead!   😉  Oh…the sacrifices I have to make……  LoL!!!

S, 🇶🇦


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