Learning To Love….His Name is Michael…..

Love and faith.  Faith is trust.  For a child of divorce, sexual abuse, and tremendous loss…faith is hard to understand. So is love.

Yet the child grows up.  Takes a journey of healing.  Searches for enlightenment.  Freedom.

Still fear lingers.  Abandonment. Grief.  Hurt.  Authenticity.  Inner truth lost to survival.  Back to healing.  Then there is love.  What is love?

Then there is him.  The one.  Yes, he is the nice guy.  Gentle. Offers me everything.  Yet a troubled heart, my troubled heart doesn’t understand love.  Hasn’t felt it.  Has not felt a love without consequence.  A love that does not hurt.

Authentic Love doesn’t hurt.  Life brings about situations.  But Unconditional Love does not hurt.

This man has shown me this.  Unconditional Love. Love that doesn’t hurt.

Love can be safe.

August 18th – this past August 18th we’ve been married for two years.  At 48 years old I feel a love that does not hurt.  Michael is his name.

S.  xo



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