Mystic Order – Emotional & Energetic Safety at Work

Safety is a topic I return to as I work the layers of it within myself.  I am revisiting safety now as I am back to work.  I work within a large school, with lots of different people.  As I interact with others on a daily basis, energetically I find myself absorbing other’s stresses that permeate a workplace and noticing the increased difficulty of not taking on other’s issues, their “stuff”.   How do I keep myself emotionally and energetically safe on a daily basis at the workplace?

Feeling safe within myself is a topic of the Root Chakra. Healthy emotional boundaries is a characteristic of the Sacral Chakra. That I am able to meet challenges that come my way connects with the Solar Plexus Chakra. ¹

As Reiki supports my own self- healing program, I notice a calm within – a breath – to take the steps to keep myself safe.  As I ground into my first chakra I develop feelings of inner safety and self-trust; replacing unreasonable fear with reasonable faith.  As I deepen my ability to separate myself from other’s emotional states with my own healthy emotional boundaries is the challenge of the second chakra. The strengthening of my third chakra allows me the growth of my inner power, inner fire to transform through my fears with the confidence needed to be okay that everything at work isn’t going to be safe; I might be misunderstood or criticized when I maintain my emotional & energetic boundaries by distancing myself from those people and spaces with negative/draining energies and not “catch the ball”, so to speak when someone throws their “emotional stuff” at me.  Together with handling those challenges with compassion and kindness.

This brings me to think of the 5 Reiki Principles.  To repeat those as much as possible during the day to also help me through……

Just for Today:

I will not worry

I will not be angry

I will do my work honesty

I will give thanks for my many blessings

I will be kind to my neighbor and all living things.


S.  xo


Judith, A. (2004). Eastern body, Western mind: psychology and the chakra system as a path to the self. Berkeley, CA: Celestial Arts.

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