After 6 weeks in Canada, I’m now home in Qatar.


This summer I felt homeless because Michael and I didn’t have our own space.  Our own place where we could retreat to to recharge, refresh and exhale.  While we’ve been fortunate enough to rent space that has felt like a home, it didn’t have our energy woven through.

We don’t have a home in Canada yet because as a newly married couple we started our lives together as expats in Qatar with plans to return to Canada when we retire and build a home.

When I walked into our villa upon my return I had so much more appreciation for our home here.  Our own space made with our love.  One of the Five Reiki Principles is to give daily thanks for my many blessing; gratitude.  Today I feel so grateful to have a home.  Our home.  Our safe haven to recharge, refresh and exhale…… with love.

S.  xo

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