Mystic Order – Manifestation and Prosperity

I have bounced all over the place over the years – from job to job, relationships, interests and hobbies.  Never really long enough to bring prosperity and manifestation with people, places and things…for a variety of reasons.

Slowly I’ve started to find my way to settle into some things and started manifesting prosperity.  This looks like my marriage to my husband where my relationship with him develops daily as our soulful connection to each other grows with a safe love I’ve always dreamed possible; learning to become a sea kayak guide and having a successful venture working with a local kayaking tour company; landing a job within the public school system as a support worker that opened the door to my current job with an international school.

Now I have found Reiki.

Energy work is not new to me as I studied Healing Touch many years ago.  I worked hard at it and like everything else at that time…eventually I bounced away from it.

Reiki has come into my life this summer with purpose. I am now ready to fully step into this practice wanting to manifest prosperity.  Prosperity that is more than financial.  It is reaping the health benefits of this ancient healing. Reiki is holistic as it supports the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of my self-healing program. 1  

This morning as I journaled I focused on the fifth and first chakra. With the creative aspect of the fifth chakra I started to dream of a future with Reiki.  Dreams can only manifest with a solid first chakra that allows me the stability to stick with something long enough to become proficient at it until I master it.  The first chakra, the root chakra, its purpose is foundation with balanced characteristics of good health, vitality, being well grounded, comfortable in body, having a sense of trust in the world, feelings of safety and security, the ability to relax and be still, stability, prosperity and right livelihood. 2

My foundation is getting stronger the more Reiki I incorporate into my way of life. The more Reiki I bring into my life the more I manifest prosperity…….

S.  xo


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