Personal Development – Give Up Feeling Safe

This morning as I wrote in my journal on Day 17 of the 21 Day Reiki Cleanse I had a clear moment of how my ability to relax into my day depended on whether or not the people in my life were either upset with me or happy with me.  If I had upset people (either real or imagined upset) then a cloud would loom over me as I wondered what it is I could do right to correct the wrong I had done to them.  If they were happy…great! I could move on with my day.

If I had upset someone I wasn’t safe.  If they were happy with me, I was safe.

Day 17 is Chakra Three – Solar Plexus.  As part of my daily journaling during the cleanse I read about the chakra for the day in Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith.  Today, after I had the above mentioned clarity moment, I was drawn to the section in Chakra Three that speaks to general strategies of healing the lotus of the solar plexus…..the one of giving up feeling safe.  To give up trying to make sure everything is assured of ahead of time.  Accepting I may be criticized, challenged, misunderstood, rejected and even fail. There is no challenge to my personal power if everything I do is removed from risk.

According to Anodea Judith, the basic right of the third chakra is to act and be an individual.

I guess another way to look at it is to not be afraid…… be myself, honor who I am as an individual and relax into my day whether people are happy with me or not.  I cannot please everyone 100% of the time.

S. xo

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