Personal Development – Observe Instead of Attach

It is 11:58pm – and after a two hour drive from Stephenville to Port aux Basque, a seven hour ferry ride across the Gulf of St. Lawrence then a four hour drive from North Sydney to Eastern Passage we arrived at our AirBnB!

Reiki is helping me in such soft, gentle ways…small steps…..and today my focus was observing instead of attaching to any given moment.  To not have to label, judge or try and figure out or understand any person or situation I interact with.  Just be.  Let the other person be.  Let the situation unfold without any of my lenses to label it.

This allowed me to get to know another person or situation, see the other person as they are or the situation as it is.  A detached observation.  And wow, what peace of mind I was rewarded with!!!!!  Instead of attaching to the situation and becoming emotionally or mentally emeshed into it….I lived and let live.  Simple.

Well not really, because when I started to get tired, my ability to observe lessoned as my thoughts and emotional reactions, my attachment to the moment increased. But with less severity…a gift I believe Reiki is giving me.

S.  xo

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