Personal Development – Thoughts on Surrender

Recently I’ve taken my Level I Reiki Attunement and have now stepped into becoming a student of Reiki.  I’m on the road traveling right now and decided I wanted to start a blog about my journey through my first Reiki cleanse and then my experiences as a student of Reiki.  Just to share a few insights I may have or small changes that I notice each day……

As I end Day 15 of my Level One 21 Day Reiki Cleanse my thoughts have been on surrendering to what is.

Today was a day of driving from St. John’s to Port aux Basques, Newfoundland.  By 10:30pm, we had reached Corner Brook on the dark Trans Canada highway during a rainstorm, with a quarter tank of gas left in a 6 cylinder truck that drinks the stuff.  I was starting to feel a bit anxious to fill the gas tank.

We missed the exit to Corner Brook, and continued on without knowledge of the next open gas station.  Stephenville looked promising. But it was a 30km detour down an even darker road to what seemed to be taking us into no-man’s-land……

With a bit of luck we stopped a car that kindly told us to follow her!!! She drove us into Stephenville, directly to a gas station!  Even better was the dog-friendly Days Inn just around the corner!  We were able to get a room for the night before heading out early tomorrow morning to Port aux Basque to catch the ferry back to Nova Scotia.

Earlier, as I drove along the dark, wet highway with the possibility of running out of gas all I could do was surrender into allowing the unfolding.  And it worked….. I was able to stay calm, non-reactive and more pleasant to be around than the alternative of being cranky/fearful of getting lost/stuck in the middle of no-where overnight on the side of a highway in a truck stuffed to capacity with two humans, two dogs, travel everything gear during a rainstorm…..

Today I am grateful.


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