Travels With Giggles the Joyful Grump!

Travel makes me look at myself in how I handle my moods, my behavior because I’m in so many new and different situations.

Traveling has wonderful moments. But arriving at any given destination requires planning, organization, patience and a little luck because nothing NOTHING ever goes as planned.  No matter how well organized I think I am – how many little details I think I’ve thought of to prevent a problem something else comes up.  Airports are REALLY good at this – especially when one has to catch a connecting flight or has a long layover in a rather awful airport.  Take our 7 or so hour overnight layover in the King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah on our way to Switzerland.  This airport is known to be the worst airport in Saudi Arabia.  It is an old, one floor area that is cramped and overcrowded with a Tim Hortons (this Canadian gal shook her head in disbelief) and one other cafe.  The bathroom is what took me over the edge of the uncomfortable stay.  There was only one woman’s bathroom in the entire area.  Women were washing themselves….ALL parts of themselves in the public sinks as water overflowed onto the floor. Toilet paper didn’t exist. I think there was soap in the dispenser?  It didn’t matter because getting to the soap meant I had walk around the half naked children who were being bathed or lean over the old Indian woman washing her feet in the sink.  At least there was a toilet – other than the squatting toilets found in more remote Asian areas.  Anywho……it was the absolute lack of space as well.  Michael found a small piece of the floor where he laid out to sleep.  Me.  I had my brand new white North Face ski jacket on and wanted to find a wall to lean against rather than lay on the floor!  Yes, I know…poor me and my first world problems….LoL!!!!

So I found ONE spot….ONE SPOT and leaned up nicely….and dozed off….to wake up with an entire Indian family crushing in around me…trying to move me from my space!!!!

Jeddah Airport - Family Invading My Space
Holding my own by not letting my legs be pushed in by the family trying to take over my space!!!



Michael finally finds me in the crowds……Her look just about says it all!!!
And that look is then directed at me……..

First world complaints aside the Jeddah airport was awful! 

But there is more to this blog in that when I post a blog, not everything is always happy and wonderful.  Traveling is tiring.  It pushes my limits of patience.  It makes me look at how I can let irritability get the best of me, or not.  Traveling alone is one thing.  Traveling with my husband is another.  We have different traveling/living habits that are magnified by a gazillion when together 24 hours a day….while moving through a new city or trying to deal with dogs on a 16 hour ferry ride. I was internally grumpy the entire walk of Signal Hill.  Actually I was grumpy for that entire day.  My blog about Signal Hill makes everything look perfect.  But it wasn’t.  I was quiet and silently moody.  But maybe perfect can involve being grumpy too?  Maybe being grumpy is part of what made the day perfect?  Because grumpy is part of my humanness.

Another point I thought about today is that I am grateful for my travel blog because I can look back in a better mood and remember the time with a better frame of mind.  That matters to me because no matter how grumpy or irritated I was at that moment…I can look back with fresh eyes and be grateful for the experience!  And laugh at how grumpy I was!!

Love, Joyful Grump xo




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