Sea Kayaking Around Lawlor Island, Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia

Fisherman’s Cove – Eastern Passage

Kattuk Expeditions

Strolling along Fisherman’s Cove one evening, just a five minute walk from where we are staying in Eastern Passage, we spotted a kayaking tour business!  Upon entering we discovered that the owner is a friend, Fred Stillman! Fred owns Kattuk Expeditions with  Sea Kayaking McNab’s Island at Fisherman’s Cove!  Awesome! If you are visiting Fisherman’s Cove we totally recommend stopping in to say hi to Fred!!  He is friendly, knows his stuff and with his Maritime charm will lead you on a kayaking experience that will be a guaranteed highlight of your vacation!!!

A few days later Michael and I returned to see Fred and were soon off paddling to Lawlor Island!  We launched around 10:30am. The weather PERFECT.  Blue skies, no wind with a gentle swell.  A perfect day for kayaking!!!  

We started out paddling to the northern tip of the island, then around to the western side – between McNabs Island and Lawlor. Along the way we paddled through an old wharf and saw an osprey’s nest. We continued to open ocean, out past the entrance between McNab’s and Lawlor Island where we spotted a large seal.  We then headed to the eastern side of the island, that brought us back to Fisherman’s Cove.

In the past two years since I’ve moved to Qatar, during our summer visits to Canada, this was only my second time back on the water kayaking. My soul drank in every moment.

For me, ocean kayaking is that happy place where the world fades away…. to a calm and quiet peace.

Taking a moment to sit with the ocean…….

It has to be the ocean because, well I grew up by the sea, and the swell.  The swell is the ocean’s movement… its expression… its life.  As I ride the swell I become part of the sea’s energy, while my senses inhale the salty air and hear the cries of the sea birds mixed with the haunting gong of a buoy off in the distance.  


S,  🚣🏼‍♀️

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  1. Brett says:

    The photo of just the front tip of the kayak in the bottom left is a very nice shot. Well done!

  2. The picture of just the tip of the kayak with the ocean ahead is one of my favorite pictures to take because I just want everyone to somehow experience/feel how beautiful and peaceful being on the ocean is……
    Thank you for your feedback Brett…..your blog is one that I enjoy looking at that fills me with memories of home……..
    Stephanie <3

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