Indoor Skydiving – Gravity Wind Tunnel, Zallaq, Bahrain – Day 2

During our second day at Gravity, Michael finished up his hour booked for the weekend with 2 ten minute sessions.  I booked 1 two minute session with the option to add on more minutes as I wanted to.

Michael and I were both stiff and sore.  Surprisingly so.  Gary kindly informed us yesterday that we’d be sore.  And we were!  My shoulders, hips, and core muscles were stiff and achy!

Kenn was our instructor for our first session.  He spent time with us before entering the tunnel to review what he observed of us yesterday and minor mistakes we were making and how to correct.  I ended up adding 3 more minutes to my session!  Kenn tried two barrel rolls with me and started me on how to side slide!!!  I was pumped and ready for more!!!

I booked another session, this time 2 minutes and added 2 more!  This time Gary was our instructor!  He continued on my side slides then worked them into a box formation!!!  I was SO excited!!!  I was messy, having difficulties coordinating my bent knee with my bent elbow and forgetting to extend my other arm causing me to spin!  What was exhilarating was once I sorta had a feel for it…. he then taught me the box formation of flying up, sliding across, then flying down and flying across!!!  That was AMAZING!!!!!

9 minutes in total doesn’t sound like a lot, but it was!!!!  My newbie brain was starting to scramble with all the little nuances of what to remember for every move.  And then always trying to be RELAXED!!!!  It was time to stop.  And as Gary recommended, now take time to process and think about what we’ve be taught.

While we debriefed with Gary after our lesson we watched an eight year old boy and his coach from iFLY Dubai train in the tunnel!  This little dude was sit flying and free flying like a pro!  Gary told us how young kids are the up and coming stars of the wind tunnel and sweeping up all the world championships!!!

I wanted to talk about the facility as well.  Gravity is my first time to a wind tunnel, but I will say it looked to be world class in every detail to it’s open concept, cool furniture, white and blue futuristic space odyssey look, the 12 meter tempered glass wind tunnel, large flat screen TVs playing videos made on location, spotless bathrooms, DJ booth with a DJ spinning music, trendy cafe……I felt like I was engaging in a sport of kings….and almost literally I was…… as the owner of Gravity is a Bahrani prince!!!!


Michael and I are starting to plan our return in 2-3 weeks!!!  I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

Love, Stephanie xo

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  1. Shirley Trottier says:

    You both looked so happy after this adventure and I love the outfit you both have on. Sure sounds and looks like you did well Stephanie, and Michael was right in his element. Good for you Michael. I can see why you both plan on a returning visit. mama xoxo

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