A Drive to Shajarat-al-Hayat – The Tree of Life, Bahrain

Bahrain seems to have a different feel from Qatar.  More laid back.  Not laid back as in the very liberal UAE.  Just more settled.  Older.

But the driving was just as nuts as it is in Doha!  We witnessed a terrible car accident as we drove from the airport to the hotel Thursday night.  A car smashed head first into a steel divider that splits lanes.  The car was going so fast when it hit, it went about five feet up into the air before crashing down to the ground.  Thankfully, Doha driving has toughened me as a driver….and I was able to keep driving without having to pull over and hyperventilate!!!!!

We didn’t spend too much time sightseeing as the focus of our weekend was indoor skydiving at Gravity.  We had a few hours to look around before heading to the airport for home, so we decided to visit the Tree of Life.  Using the trusty GPS, we discovered that the Tree of Life wasn’t far from Gravity.  So off we went……

And into a large oil field we landed….with a maze of roads decorated with oil derricks, power lines and pipe lines.  We started to question if I had pressed the correct destination into GPS, but suddenly a sign indicating the direction to the Tree of Life proved I hadn’t after all!




The tree was interesting.  But to us, the surrounding oil field took away from the mystical charm of the tree.

The best part of the visit were the local boys who arrived with the Arabian spiny-tailed lizard!  We think they found it and captured it to have fun showing it to tourists!!  They told us if it bit us, they would have to chop off its head to release the bite!  Well, as you can see, we didn’t disappoint giving them an audience!!  😉




Love, Stephanie  xo

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  1. Shirley Trottier says:

    That tree is incredible! Have to say the Arabian spiny-tailed lizard looked like it was going to have babies…Oh my Gosh…Michael how could you touch it?xoxo

  2. johannaroseanne says:

    Hey you!How is everything? Love reading about your adventures! Are you two coming for a visit this summer?xo 

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