Arabian Afternoons – An Afternoon at Souq Waqif Doha, Qatar

I enjoyed an afternoon at the Souq Waqif . This is one of my favorite hang out places.

I arrived hours before most shops opened and walked in the heat of the midday sun deciding on where to have lunch.

Breakfast and tea time

Damasca One

I decided on Syrian food, at Damasca One restaurant. I sat upstairs with the intention of smoking shisha after lunch.  Lunch started with sesame paste (tahini) and molasses with fresh flatbread hot out of the oven.  I had Turkish coffee with it and found it a bit too strong for me.  Next I had lentil soup with fresh lemon slices and crispy bread chips with a fresh mango and strawberry juice.


Michael was going to meet me for lunch and shisha but ended up working later than expected so plans changed to meet me for supper.  So, I finished lunch, skipped the shisha and walked within the souq to wait for him. Most shops along the narrow streets, passageways and courtyards were still closed.  Some shopkeepers were asleep in front of their shops.

A passageway with shopkeepers sleeping in front of their stores
Courtyard in the Gold Souq

Tagine Restaurant

And slowly the souq started to come to life……..Michael arrived and we stopped for Moroccan food at Tagine restaurant.  After a light meal of lentil soup and shrimp tagine, we relaxed with lemon mint juices and grape-mint shisha while enjoying good conversation. As the sun started to set and Turkish lamps slowly illuminated dark corners, the streets started to fill with the sights and sounds of the many nationalities living here in Qatar.

S, 🇶🇦

Fresh lemon mint juices with grape-mint shisha
Guards make their rounds through the souq
The shisha is smooth and cooling…and surprisingly relaxing……

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  1. Shirley Trottier says:

    Stephanie enjoying a lazy, hazy, hot day in the Souq and eating delicious food choices. And another holiday in Doha. I think siesta’s are in order in this very very hot climate. The Arabian Stallions are really magnificent. Thanks for sharing your day… mama xoxoxo

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