Phuket, Thailand – Moments

Sunset, Karon Beach

Interesting Trees

Souvenir Shops in Patong

We bought three of the wood-carved twisted, bizarre  faces!!  We noticed the name of the shop after the fact…..very fitting for the area!!  😉

Interesting Decor

Umbrellas hanging above the entrance of a restaurant.  An ice cream shop with a close up of gum drops sold within.

Souvenir Shops Along Karon Beach

Seafood Vendors

Fresh seafood for sale along the main strip of Karon Beach.  Looks like swordfish, a barracuda and a baby shark 🙁

Thai Street Food Vendors

There were a variety of food vendors selling Thai food along a main street of Karon Beach. I wouldn’t eat any of it because while we checked into our hotel, a woman we spoke to told us she had bad food poisoning from a street vendor’s food!

Thai Massages

I had 7 oil massages in 8 days.  Each massage a little different and I was still twisted, elbowed and kneed and stretched in all different ways traditional to Thai massage! One massage was given by a young man who massaged so hard, I thought for sure I would have bruising (I didn’t!)….but at the end of every massage I was extremely relaxed and felt like a limp noodle!!

The masseuses sit outside the salon, calling out to people to come in for a massage.   There are many, many, many massage parlors wanting your business!! When you pick a salon, you are brought inside to a series of beds. A small basket is put on a bed for your clothing and belongings, curtains are pulled around the bed, you strip down naked putting your clothing/belongings in the above mentioned basket that is placed either under the bed or beside it. You get on the bed, the masseuse enters and the massage begins.  When Michael and I would go for a massage, we were given beds next to each other, we stripped down naked together and the curtains weren’t closed between us as we each received a massage.  Our genital areas respectfully covered. My breasts were massaged. I expected that as I get Thai massages in Doha.

The male masseuse did not massage my breasts.  He covered them and massaged around them.

Oh….and happy ending massages are available, not openly advertised, but can be found if one wants one.

The below pictured massage shop was my favorite place for massages.  I had three massages here, one by the young man as mentioned above.  The story here is also about the braids.  Massage parlors generally offer hair braiding too.  I didn’t want the full ‘Bo Derek’ look, I just wanted a few braids.  After the massage from the young man, I had asked for four braids for fun.  Four braids were quickly put in and I was on my way! I returned the next day for another massage (this time by the woman wearing the black shirt in the picture below) and the woman wearing the white shirt (she gave me my first massage there) insisted my hair needed more braids!  So I happily sat after my massage while more braids were added until she was happy with my hair!!  This was her gift to me….

I really enjoyed this massage parlor because families lived behind the shop.  As I lay getting a massage, kids were running around, family members spoke in Thai to each other while coming and going, back and forth from the shop and their home.  It was wonderful.

Buying Gasoline for Scooters

Michael had a nice moment as we stopped to buy gasoline for the scooter.  He noticed the electric guitar and amplifier in the window and inward in he went…..

What Happens in Thailand Stays in Thailand!

Maybe the monkeys are saying: What happens in Thailand, stays in Thailand?  😉 😉 😉

Thai Food

Thai food!  Chicken Satay is one of my favorite Thai dishes.  We love Shrimp.  Michael loves fried rice!

Chicken Satay

An Assortment of Thai Shrimp Dishes

Michael’s Assorted Fried Rice Dishes!!

Fresh Smoothies

Oh….and the fresh smoothies……my favorite was banana…Michael enjoyed either mango or vanilla!!

Bangkok International Airport

The Bangkok International Airport…..was ginormous and truly an international destination/crossroads for many travelers!!!

Michael and I loved Phuket!!!  We plan to return to Thailand and next time stay for at least a month!!!  To hop on a scooter, travel around as our whim takes us, chill and just settle in……

See you again Thailand….

S, 🇹🇭

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