Phuket, Thailand – The Big Buddha

The Big Buddha

Michael and I decided to visit Buddhist temples in the area.  Our first stop was The Big Buddha located on top of one of the Nakkerd Hills, not far from our hotel. After our unexpected adventure on Lulu the elephant, we continued up the road to the apex of the hill that brought us to the entrance of this landmark.


Parked and on our way, first we had to make sure we were dressed appropriately.  If not, there were scarves to cover shoulders and sarongs to cover legs if shorts were too short.


The 45 meter tall Buddha is impressive!!  The area is very peaceful as people come to pray and/or walk around in respectful silence to view the temple. It was a nice change from the hustle of the busy streets in the towns below.

View of Phuket

The view of Phuket City/Town was beautiful!!  The second picture, you can see rain in the distance!

Smaller Buddhas

All around and inside The Big Buddha were smaller Buddhas.

Gold Leaf Donations

The Big Buddha Temple is built with donations.  One way to donate, and the way Michael and I chose, was to buy a gold colored metal leaf for 100 Bhats, write a message on it and hang it.  There are thousands and thousands of these gold metal leaves hung all over the temple.  This reminded me, but not exactly as this location is sacred and the money spent was a donation to this temple, was Michael and I leaving a padlock with our names on it on a Lovelock Bridge in Paris.  Our message was the same….love! We hung our leaf on a wheel as a wheel symbolizes the teachings of the Buddha….the path to Nirvana.

Monk’s Good Luck Blessing

There was a monk giving blessings of good luck.  He tied a little braided bracelet around our wrist, then blessed us with water as he spoke his blessing, his wishes of good luck.

As we left the temple, both Michael and I felt peaceful and relaxed.  Calm.

S, 🇹🇭

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  1. Shirley Trottier says:

    Very peaceful day. I find different religions very interesting. The gold metal leaf was neat and would remind you of the padlock with your names on it at Lovelock Bridge in Paris. Hope you gave Lulu a banana in thanks for all her hard work :-)) Love mama xoxo

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