Phuket Town, Thailand – Rang Hill

Without a destination in mind, we set off on a scooter for a day of adventure! Michael has driven scooters in Bali, Indonesia as well as having his own motorcycle, so he was a confident driver on the busy streets of Phuket!

Rang Hill & Khao Rang Breeze

We found ourselves driving up Rang Hill to discover a look off over Phuket Town and a nice restaurant the, Khao Rang Breeze .  Michale enjoyed his shrimp fried rice and cashew chicken.  The fried rice had what looked to be white cotton candy on top – and when we tasted it, it was soft and crunchy and a bit sweet!  We inquired as to what it was, the waitress told us it was chicken? It didn’t look like chicken. Language barrier perhaps? I ordered fish and chips…and wished I hadn’t!  The fish still had the skin on and the meat was thick and chewy, and surprisingly not fresh with a bit of fish smell/taste.  However, the juices were fun – pineapple and watermelon and dessert, pineapple fritters, were good.

Rhesus Macaque Monkeys

The highlight of this stop on Rang Hill were the monkeys! When we returned to our scooter to leave, monkeys were crawling and hanging out on the parked scooters. Bags of monkey food (cooked and sliced corn on the cob) could be purchased for 20 Bhat, and the fun began. One monkey sat next to us on a bench, placed his hand on our leg while chilling out and munching on some corn. Others were more skittish, not so friendly and then there were the young monkeys who were SO bad!!!  One sat there on the ground, chewing and licking a piece of plastic, took my hand as I offered it, held it for a minute, then he bit my leg!!  He didn’t bite hard, and I reacted, shaking him off as he ran off.

Michael and I both REALLY enjoyed the monkeys, they were so much fun!!

Scooter Repair and a Haircut

Leaving the hill, our scooter had a flat tire!  Thankfully we were in Phuket Town and a scooter repair shop was close!  I will say that we/I had a scary moment as we walked passed a home on our way to find a garage and a pack of dogs came out and followed us while barking in a non-friendly way as we passed their property!

We reversed roles – while I waited for the scooter to be fixed, Michael had his haircut!  I enjoyed sitting in the garage enjoying small talk with a local – he spoke Thai, I spoke English!  It was fun!  The repair cost 180 Bhats. The man repairing the tire showed me this bolt and nut thingy and indicated this was why the tire went flat…..I thought we ran over it and it punctured the tire! Michael (he is still laughing at me!!) later tells me that the bolt and nut thingy is a valve stem that somehow failed!!

So, with the scooter repaired and Michael’s new haircut (300 Bhats)…we were off….to Patong!

S, 🇹🇭

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  1. Linda Choyce says:

    Another grand adventure Stephanie. Thanks so much for these posts. I love them! xo

  2. Thanks Linda!!!! <3 <3 <3 I look forward to see you this summer to catch up on all of your travels too!!! 😀

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