Patong, Thailand – Bangla Road

Sex Sex Sex

We ended up here, Bangla Road, …because it was where all the action was, shopping right?

We didn’t know what we were getting into… but when it hit, we took it in.

That said……

I lasted maybe an hour and wanted to leave!  It was CRAZY!  Packed, PACKED with tourists and built for tourists, this was a “strip” that offered ALL.  Shops, bars, alcohol, prostitutes and lets just say Ping Pong Shows and call it done!!!  Men/employees sitting at the open bars poked their fingers into Michael’s shoulder while pointing to girls, “waitresses”, asking blatantly if he wanted one.  Employees with Ping Ping Show menus approached and asked if we wanted to see a show.  Bar menus shoved at us asking if we wanted a drink.

Families with small children walked beside us.  Everyone taking it in.  Thankfully, this was during the day, all debauchery and depravity were out of site.  I can ONLY imagine what the place morphs into at night!

S, 🇹🇭

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  1. Shirley Trottier says:

    You definitely were in a place consumed with dark, evil energy.
    Not very pretty is it?

    1. It was not a pretty place, mama, the energy was not good. It was a very sad place. 🙁 🙁

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