The Dubai Aquarium, Dubai Mall, United Arab Emirates

The Dubai Aquarium was SO much fun!!!!  As a little girl, Jaques Cousteau was my inspiration for falling in love with the ocean.  The movie Jaws scared me for life with an irrational fear of sharks.  This was the first time I saw sharks up close!  I was mesmerized!!!!  I tried to keep thoughts of upcoming snorkeling and scuba diving in Thailand out of my head. The thoughts of one of these massive fish appearing suddenly out of the distant blue, sliding smoothly through the water towards me.

Anyway!!!!  I had a full tour of walking through the tunnel, a boat tour on the top of the aquarium, and walking through the underwater zoo; seeing the GINORMOUS King Crocodile. I’m not a big fan of zoos, but I will say that these animals are well fed and well cared for!

Love, Stephanie xo

ps…..while I toured the aquarium, Joan shopped…she had already “Been there, done that!”

Walking through the tunnel:

Scary Shark:

Funny Blinking Ray:

Swimming past me shark:

Boat Tour on the top of the aquarium:

The Underwater Zoo

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