Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Girls just wanna have fun!!!!  My friend Joan and I flew to Dubai for the weekend for a bit of shopping!! Arriving late Thursday evening and rising early Friday morning we left our hotel room and arrived at The Dubai Mall at 8:30am.  The shops didn’t open until 10:00am, but that was ok because that gave us time to get the lay of the land (which Joan already was very familiar with – weekends in Dubai for fun are a regular itinerary item for her!) and the Burj Khalifa is connected to The Dubai Mall.  So…….

First stop – The Burj Khalifa.

This was Joan’s third time up the skyscraper and not a favorite for her.  She soldiered through as we ascended the 124 floors, our ears popping from the pressure change. As we walked around the observation deck we felt the building sway beneath our feet!!!

We went to the third top (floor 124), not the second highest top (floor 125) or the highest top (floor 148). Joan pre-purchased our tickets and explained that she’d already “been there done that”, “hated it”and said that I could go there with Michael (who has yet to see the Burj Khalifa!).  Did I mention Joan gets motion sickness?  😉

It was an experience for sure, going up the tallest building in the world! I can’t wait to go to the highest top with Michael!!!!

Love, Stephanie  xo

Going up the elevator:



View of The Dubai Mall and Dancing Water Fountain:




One Comment Add yours

  1. shirley trottier says:

    148 floors WOW!!! I was dizzy as I watched the floors go speeding by.
    You seemed to be OK Stephanie. Michael would go up with you for sure, If he jumps out of planes this would not bother Michael at all. 💚xoxoxoxo


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