Driving from Campione d’Italia, an Italian Exclave to Lavin, Switzerland

This was a beautiful drive of transforming culture and architecture as well as changing landscape as we left Campione d’Italia and drove through the Mediterranean inspired Swiss town of Lugano and Italian commune Porlezza back into the European inspired areas of Switzerland surrounded by the Alps such as  St. Moritz , Zernez and Susch that lead us to Lavin.

By the time we reached St. Moritz it was dark, but the town itself was beautifully lit, as well as adorned with Christmas lights!  The feel of entering a magical, lavish play land of the international jet set was quick as we drove straight through on our way to Lavin.  Zernez and Susch were drive throughs as well, but we were happy to find a Coop grocery store to buy a few needed supplies (wine!) before we pulled off onto the exit for Lavin.

In Lavin, the purpose of our visit was to visit a guitar maker.  This will be my next blog!!

Love, Stephanie  xo

One Comment Add yours

  1. Shirley Trottier says:

    Breathtaking, what memories you both are storing up. :-)))))


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