Campione d’Italia, Italy – An Italian Exclave in Switzerland

We stumbled upon this jewel of a location trying to find a hotel with parking in Lugano.  We didn’t realize we were in a Italian exclave until we arrived.  And what an AMAZING surprise!

I fell in love with Campione d’Italia. The entire town crawls up from the shores of Lake Lugano along the base of Sighignola Mountain.  Here, elderly men sat at outside tables sipping mid-morning wine at the few restaurants lining the waterfront street. Italian Christmas music played from the centre of the waterfront square. Swans floated by the brightly colored villas that sat on the lake’s edge as the rising sun started to burn away the morning mist. Then this sleepy little town comes to life at night because of the casino, Casinò di Campione that seems to be the heart of the beautiful town.

We enjoyed mornings and evenings here because during our two days we drove to Milan, adding to our adventure!!!!!

One evening after a full day in Milan, we enjoyed an amazing dinner of pasta and wine at what is probably the best restaurant in Campione d’Italia, the family restaurant Grotto Rialdo. This is where the locals go to eat!!   The restaurant filled up quickly with large families at its 6:00pm opening time, and erupted in laughter, conversation and food. Service was amazing, and so was the food and wine!!!

There was an old world feeling here in Campione d’Italia that begs me back to experience more of Italy!!!!!!

Love, Stephanie  xoxo

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    Beautiful ??. Lugano is calling my kayak. ??

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