Snowboarding – Grinderwald, Switzerland

This was one of my favorite days – but I have very few pictures to show for it because I didn’t want to bring my camera knowing this was my first time snowboarding because:

A) it is with great certainty that I would be falling A LOT for the entire time I was on the mountain and

B) I was not familiar with the ski resort so I wasn’t sure if there was a safe place to put my camera while I was busy falling down the bunny hill!!

My husband is an avid snowboarder and was disappointed that the only snow on the slopes was artificial.  He was hoping for a fresh powder day of snowboarding.  That said, it was a beautiful, blue sky day and I was excited and a bit nervous!

We arrived mid-morning to the Männlichen Ski Resort.  After an hour, almost two of buying our tickets, riding the gondola, renting our gear and then finding our way…we were off……

The bunny hill was a good starting place for me.  That said, I do have one major complaint. Parents let their children play in the middle of the wee little bunny hill and with my zero control on the snowboard I voiced my concern that I might run into the group of children.  Staff did nothing.  It ended with my going head-to-head with a rather inebriated german father of one of the children, who decided that there was nothing wrong with children playing there as well as building a little ski jump in the middle of the bunny hill!!!!   A crowd gathered around us as I called this man selfish and wondered if he owned the mountain that he would be so careless to let his children play in the middle of the wee hill where beginners are meant to learn to ski!  I later find out that perhaps staff did not step in or do anything about the children in the middle of the bunny hill and why a crowd gathered was because the man has been coming to the ski hill for 40 years.  Perhaps, as they say in Qatar, he had a bit of “wasta” on the mountain…..and who was this crazy woman in his face??

But this did not ruin my time there, just made for a good story!

My story of our day on the slopes wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention the breathtaking view of the Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau mountains from the slopes of the Männlichen Ski Resort.  As I lay there on the cold snow after another hard fall on my butt and rubbed my bruised ego, whenever I looked up the view ahead of me of the Jungfrau Trio I immediately felt better!  I then brushed the snow off and made my short distance to the conveyor belt and started back down the bunny hill, careful not to take out any those children playing and their ski jump along the way!!!

S, 🇨🇭

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  1. Shirley Trottier says:

    Hi Stephanie, you do such a great job at explaining you day…. one can almost feel the fresh cool air and picture the view. Breathtaking to say the least. Really nice picture of you with the mountains as the background.

    I laughed when I read the part of you taking on the (drunk father ) on the bunny hill. Great example he is showing for his kids as a father. Too bad you could not have ( by accident ) taken him out as you made you way down the bunny hill….( did i say that )…haha…only kidding.

    Keep up the great work on your posts.

    Love ya Kiddo.. mama xoxoxoxo


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