Hiking – Beatenburg, Switzerland

My husband and I decided to trek up one of the many hiking trails in the area, some leading up to the apex of the Niederhorn Mountain.

Purposely ignoring the many rigorous fitness stations located along the trail, we pushed onwards, steeply upwards…taking many breaks along the way to catch our breath!!  We made it as far as the barn at Kuhmatte – elevation 1692m.  Here we stopped, had a picnic, gratefully used the outhouse open to hikers then sat quietly to enjoy the peace, the beauty, and reconnect to nature while surround by the majestic power of the Alps……

When we returned back to our home base, we spoke to an owner of the apartment we rented about our hike and found out that the hike we did, she does three times a week – and goes on, further to the top, certainly more than we were capable of doing!!!  Hence, the proof, the reason why most of all locals we met in Beatenburg and Interlaken (Switzerland in general) are in INCREDIBLE shape…….

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