Paradise Found – Mirissa & Tissamaharama, Sri Lanka

We loved Sri Lanka!  We spent 4 days relaxing on Mirissa Beach then one evening getting a taste of the wilds of Tissamaharama.

The lush, green vegetation teemed with life and was such a drastic comparison to the every day stark, dry, flat, lifeless terrain here in the desert of Qatar.  We walked with monitor lizards that were at least four feet long.  A mongoose made a regular appearance in the garden of the villa we rented. Monkeys played in the trees. Dogs ran wild.  Cows and goats roamed.  Children played freely, with so much laughter.  Everywhere there was life!!!!

While in Tissamaharama, under the silver glow of a rising full moon, we watched a family of wild elephants walk silently from the depths of the jungle into a clearing to drink and wade in a fresh water pool.

We’ll see you again Sri Lanka…….

Love Stephanie  xoxo

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  1. Linda Choyce says:

    Wow your pictures are fabulous Stephanie! It must have been a wonderful holiday! xo

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  2. Christine says:

    Great photos Steph! What a fabulous experience!

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