Learning to Kite Surf in Qatar

Kite Surfing Fuwairit Beach

There is a large kite surfing community in Doha.  We’d see them flying through the air at Fuwairit Beach like super heroes!!!

My Own Kite Surfing Gear

After speaking to a few women who kite surf, I thought it possible too! For my 47th birthday, Michael bought me kite surfing equipment!


Flora’s Kiteboarding School

And so my journey began with beginner lessons at an IKO – International Kiteboarding Organization certified school –  Flora’s Kiteboarding School.

Starting off I had to learn how to fly and control a training kite with specific techniques.


Once I passed this I then graduated to the water and transfer the skills learned on land to a kite on water.  Totally different ball game!!

Next was learning how to control the kite, think about the board and learn how to body drag.

With more sessions of practice controlling the kite, body dragging and managing the board.

Feeling pumped before a session!!

Then it was time to step on the board…..

I made it up once or twice and then became exhausted.  I started to make mistakes.  I scared myself with losing control of the kite and too many times having my face slammed hard into the water.

Scared, I decided to take a break……. Sad part is that I was almost there……

S, 🇶🇦

Update – Summer 2017 we bought our own training kite.  I’m starting back at the basics to get my confidence back and eventually get back on the water!

Update – January 2019 – I’m taking a break from Kite Surfing – I lost my nerve.

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