Paris – Day 6 – The Eiffel Tower!!!

Our last full day in Paris was spent at the Eiffel Tower!!!  The weather was PERFECT!!!! Our walk to the Eiffel Tower was as romantic as can be!!  The sun was shining, the air warm with the freshness of spring, flowers blooming, joggers all along the Seine, tourists happy with the spirit of Paris!!!

Michael and I TRULY enjoyed walking up the 704 steps to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower!  We then took a lift to the top!!!!  The building/architecture as we climbed, was spectacular.  The steel twisting and turning all around us – with bits of nature descriptively inscribed and carved on it.   The views were incredible as was the feeling of love between couples, many sharing kisses on all levels of the Eiffel Tower!!!!

Love, Stephanie  xo

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  1. Michael says:

    You and me baby… Paris was made for us!!

  2. Shirley Trottier says:

    You really captured The Eiffel Tower and surrounding country side for us to see. Plus walking to the second level..oh my gosh!!! Also the macaroons sure looked good, could not get that far & not get one eh!!!
    As i write this we are expecting a wee bit of snow, but our crocus’s are ready to bloom & i saw green growth today. NS is coming into season.
    Glad you both made it home safe. Love mom xoxo

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