Ernie Els, Sergio Garcia, Soul II Soul and Arrested Development = Commercial Bank Qatar Masters at the Doha Golf Club

WOW!!!!!  WHAT A DAY!!!!!!

While Michael spent his day/evening practicing guitar and keyboard then hanging out with his band for an upcoming gig……….. I (and about 100 other people!!!) spent the day with Sergio Garcia as we walked 18 holes of golf together, then later that evening I danced with wild abandon to two of my ALL-TIME FAVOURITE hip hop groups: Soul II Soul and Arrested Development!!!

I got a Selfie with Ernie Els, told Sergio Garcia that my parents love him and he laughed with a thank you, met Kasha Tafari and Chris Brown from Soul II Soul, Jazzi B gave me an autographed photo, Arrested Development singer Tasha Larae blew me a kiss from onstage and I got a selfie with the co-founder and lead singer of Arrested Development, Speech Thomas!!!

I’m STILL pinching myself!!!!

S, 🇶🇦

Everyday People – Arrested Development

The feedback is bad – but you get to experience the fun start of “Everyday People”, by Arrested Development!

Commercial Bank Qatar Masters & Soul II Soul & Arrested Development

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  1. Tish Smith says:

    Amazing. What an incredible experience for you ❤️

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  2. shirley trottier says:

    Had to laugh as i read your post, an email came in and the phone rang all with info about Doha and the golf tour. Betty & Bill send their love & i am taping the golf channel and we are all trying to find you in the crowd.We all really like Ernie Els ( the picture) and are so happy you had a great day.Love from NS onlookers ( smile ) Love ya lots …mama xoxo

  3. DV says:

    Looks like you a great day for memories, that should last a long time.
    As far as Sergio goes, we were huge Tiger fans, as was your grandparents, apart from his fall from grace. So today you have to go back to the golf course and say “Hey, Sergio guess what? Wait till he’s ready to putt on the 18th hole with the game tied. He he. (I know I’m bad).

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