A Conversation with Artist Danny Gregory

ASD invited artist Danny Gregory to spend this past week in the Upper and Lower Elementary campus inspiring faculty and students to create and draw!!

I had an opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with Mr. Gregory.

Expat Life, Types of Expats, Vulnerability and Inner Growth

We talked about life, taking risks, and what sort of people make up expats.

He shared a bit of his story to me and I shared some of my story.  We connected on how we both made life changing decisions and that as scary as they are going through the journey to settle into the changes, the rewards of the journey and the resulting inner growth make you into a better person. Mr. Gregory told me how moving to another country is an opportunity to reinvent yourself, and when I return to Canada I’ll be a different person.  I agree.  I already feel the shift starting…..

He told me I’ll notice these types of expats here:  military children who grew up moving around the world from one institution to another and in their adult life are still moving from institution to institution around the world, those looking for easy work with a good salary, those looking to escape and those who truly want an adventure!

We spoke of vulnerability and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable is how we truly connect to each other.

We are both bloggers, and through blogging we share our stories, our vulnerabilities.  We share and show our thoughts and ideas to be able to relate and connect to each other.

Mr. Gregory’s mild, humble way and openness to share his inner thoughts and self reaffirmed for me that living an authentic, inspired life is exactly the way I want to be!!!!

S, 🇶🇦

Danny Gregory’s Blog

Danny Gregory . com

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  1. shirley trottier says:

    Sounds like Mr. Gregory had some sound advise and helped you on your journey. Nice when special people cross your path.xoxo

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