Sharm el-Sheikh – Desert Trekking and Mountain Climbing in the Sinai Desert!

Michael and I walked across the desert to one of the many mountains of the Sinai Desert!  Along the way we came across lots of garbage, some interesting plants, fox holes, ant colonies and very interesting rock formations!!

Arriving at the base of the mountain, this East Coast, Halagonian, Nova Scotian gal where the ocean had always been my playground…..was in good hands with my West Coast, Vancouver Island, B.C. husband!!!

Michael is an avid mountain climber – with over 40 years of experience!!  Some of the mountains he’s climbed are: King’s Peak, Queen’s Peak, Crest, and Albert Edward Mountain  – Strathcona Park – Vancouver Island, Mount Toubkal – Morocco, Northern Africa, Base Camp – Mount Everest, Nepal, Kalapatthar Mountain – Nepal, Seven Sister’s Mountains – Northern British Columbia, Forbidden Plateau and Comox Glacier – Vancouver Island.

Today was my first time ever climbing a mountain!!!  I made it up half-way and had to stop because I was too scared and thankfully, so I don’t feel like a wimp, the rest of the way up was too advanced for me!!!  A beginner mountain climber has to start somewhere, and halfway up a mountain in the Sinai Desert is a good start!!!!!   And Michael climbed all the way to the Summit!!!!!!

Michael at the Summit:

This video doesn’t exist

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