Giza, Egypt – Christmas Eve – Revisiting the Giza Pyramids – Sellers – Selling: Souvenirs, Camel Rides, Horse Rides or a Ride on a Horse Drawn Cart…..

No Money No Honey

Walking the grounds of the Giza Complex without a guide means we were open game to the GAZILLION of sellers who were EVERYWHERE.

Expecting this, we thought up an avoidance strategy of only bringing the cost of the tickets to enter the complex with us. When approached by a local to sell us something – we would honestly say we had no money.  We decided to bring extra money, as back up, but that was deeply hidden in our backpack.  A secret stash, but not for cheap souvenirs.

When approached, Michael would pull the lining of his pockets out to prove we didn’t have money.  Sometimes this strategy worked,.

“No money, no honey!”, said one seller of souvenirs to Michael.  

Other times, saying we did not have cash money didn’t work as we were followed with the seller continuing to offer.

Another time, Michael went along with a seller. The seller gave us some items as “gifts” for “free”. We said “thank you!” and walked away. The seller followed us, then demanded money for his “gifts”. We gave the items back.

But, the ‘no money, no honey” was all part of the experience.

S, 🇪🇬

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