Giza, Egypt – Christmas Eve – Revisiting the Giza Pyramids – Our Sunset Ride to See the Pyramids!!

To make a long story short, Frank who owns the horses from our tour of the Giza Pyramids on horseback, promised us a sunset tour of the pyramids as part of our ticket price.  We made arrangements to meet Frank the next day after our visit to the Egyptian Museum.  Michael and I weren’t able to make the arranged time because we were stuck in traffic returning from the museum.

This day, when we arrived to start our revisit of the Giza Pyramids, Frank saw us and kept his promise.

So, we finished our revisit day of the Giza Pyramids with a sunset tour on horses.

Locals Come Out To Play

Possibly one of my favourite parts of our time in Giza was this ride because at this time, all the locals come out to play on horseback – and ride their horses at full tilt.

It was very exciting for me.

Groups of young men and women in galloping packs ride off into the desert sunset!

The fevered energy and the impressive level of skilled horsemanship of these hyped young teens riding these wild, powerful horses at FULL gallop was INDESCRIBABLE because I wanted to be a part of it. 

These young teens are living in poverty, yet are SO rich, SO full of life when they are on riding their horses.

S, 🇪🇬

Videos of Riding Through the Village of Nazlet el-Samman

An Incredible Memory

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