Giza, Egypt – Christmas Eve – Revisiting the Giza Pyramids – Michael and I are Celebrities

Michael and I returned to the Giza Complex, on foot this time and without a tour guide. This was no easy task as we entered while firmly saying no to the many tour guides looking for a job.

We casually took our time, to savor our experience and take it all in.

Celebrity Is As Celebrity Does

As Gilderoy Lockhart of Harry Potter’s world says, “Celebrity is as celebrity does.”

That statement makes no sense, very similar to Michael and I’s popularity at the pyramids! We were approached many times by locals to have their pictures taken with us.

At one point, I was surrounded by at least 10 young local boys, who all wanted their photo with me. It was kinda fun at first for this old gal, but then as they pushed in around me, I felt a bit overwhelmed and had to stop the impromptu photo session.

As the day continued, with locals wanting to take their picture with us, for fun, we started asking for money after their picture was taken with us.

S, 🇪🇬

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