Cairo, Egypt – Souq Khan el-Khalili

Islamic District of Cairo

Today was all about travelling to the Islamic District of Cairo (via our now BFF – taxi driver Hamada Grapes – we call him Hi’Im Outta Grapes!) to the Souq Khan el-Khalili.

This souq is built on the site of the mausoleum known as the turbat az-za’faraan (Saffron Tomb), dating back to 970 A.D.

Stepping Back in Time

Today was AMAZING!

Today was about stepping back into what felt like ancient times in Cairo.

Today we felt a part of Cairo.  

And, for just a moment, we felt a part of its culture, its history, its people.

S, 🇪🇬

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  1. shirley Trottier says:

    Michael, you never cease to amaze me. Like Stephanie said you “FELT” a part of Cairo….How were they???? tsk tsk tsk Michael…
    mama trottier xoxoxo

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