Giza, Egypt – Horseback at Giza Pyramid Complex With The Oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – Khufu’s Pyramid

We spent our first day in Giza – Monday – at the Giza Pyramids Complex!

This day was a bit of a blur, as I was overwhelmed. Visiting the Egyptian pyramids was a dream-come-true kinda day that included: riding a horse across the desert towards the Egyptian Pyramids, sitting on a pyramid, and going inside a pyramid!

Funny story: Once inside the pyramid, and just the two of us, Michael and I were feeling a bit frisky. We started to fool around a bit when a local teenage boy entered. He said he would leave, only after we paid him to leave! Cheeky bugger!

We’re hoping to return to have another opportunity to take everything in!

S, 🇪🇬

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  1. shirley Trottier says:

    It is a damp day in Bedford today as i look at the two of you in the sun & on horse back…So glad you are visiting the Giza Pyramid Complex again at your own speed. So much history there and wonders to see. DV & I have watched many documentaries on the pyramids all over the world and they fascinate us both. Stephanie you are doing a great job on your blog with written explanations of each picture. I hope you & Michael take time to “feel” the energy of ancient times and just sit and let it come to you. You will be amazed,the energy ( according to all i have read & seen )is there if you are open to receiving it. Have a wonderful day and look after each other. Love mama xoxoxo

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