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Giza, Egypt – Giza Pyramids – Videos

We're riding along the causeway from the Funerary Temple of Khafre to the Valley Temple of Khafre

Leaving the stables in the village of Nazlet el-Samman, on our way to the entrance of the Giza Pyramids Complex:
The main entrance to the Giza Pyramids:
Now inside the complex of the Giza Pyramids:
Galloping Across the Desert to the Pyramids

Full Tilt – and I mean – OPEN FULL THROTTLE HORSEPOWER – like “HOLY SHIT, HOLD ON” this horse is POWERFUL – galloping across the desert to our first stop on our ways to the pyramids!

Village of Nazlet el-Samman – Call To Prayer

S, 🇪🇬

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