Muscat, Oman

Michael and I picked Muscat, Oman for our honeymoon destination this September’s Eid-al-Adha break.

Muscat is the capital city of the Sultanate of Oman and has been inhabited since at least 1000 BCE. This was my first holiday outside of Qatar and North America.  I was instantly taken with the friendliness of the locals and the true welcome feeling of sharing their beautiful home with us.

Our Hotel – The Radisson Blue in Downtown Muscat

Quorum Beach:

This is a beautiful beach along the Oman coastline lined with many five star hotels.  The water was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!  Warm and refreshing!!! We stayed in the water for hours at a time.  Just swimming, or floating. Snorkelling wasn’t that interesting as the water was murky, and there didn’t seem to be any fish!!  It was too hot to walk the beach for risk of a bad sun burn and the sand was so hot.  Going from the grassy lawn of the shade of our palm tree to the water or vice versa was a warp speed sprint over the scalding hot sand!!!

Climbing the Mutrah Fort, Muskat 

From the Lonely Planet website, “Built by the Portuguese in the 1580s, this fort dominates the eastern end of the harbour. Used for military purposes, it is generally closed to visitors although you can scale the flank of the fort for a good view of the ocean.”

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Walking the Corniche

About the Mosque of the Great Prophet:

Mosque of the Great Prophet (مـسـجـد الرسـول الأعـظـم (ص

“Mosque of the Great Prophet is the principal mosque for the Lawati tribe in Muscat. It is located on the corniche of Muttrah and was originally built in the 15th century. The mosque was renovated numerous times over the years the last of which was in the 90s. The Mosque of the Great Prophet features a gorgeous blue dome and a blue minaret with Quranic scriptures. Various Shia ceremonies and celebrations can be seen outside the mosque during special times of the year. The Mosque of the Great Prophet is not open to Non-Muslims.” from OmanTripper  OmanTripper

Al Said, The Sultan of Oman’s Private Yacht:

I like this picture with the small fishing boat, then the medium sized, large Dhow Boat then the extra large Super yacht!!

Al Said Super Yacht


The Mutrah Souq Located on the Corniche:

From Wikipedia, “Al Dhalam (Darkness in Arabic) Souq is the local name for the Muttrah Souq. Muttrah Souq is perhaps one of the oldest marketplaces in the Arab world. It is located adjacent to the harbour of Muscat harbor and has seen immense trade in the age of sail, being strategically located on the way to India and China. It has been named after darkness because of the crowded stalls and lanes where the sunrays do not infiltrate during the day and the shoppers need lamps to know their destinations.”

After the Souq….time for something to eat, then chat with a few locals!

Then another climb….to the top of a rock cliff that edges the Corniche Parking Lot on Al-Bahri Road:

Muscat Gate Museum

We didn’t stop for a visit.  We were on our way to the Al Alam Palace!

Muscat Gate Museum

Al Alam Palace

Al Alam Palace

Wadi Shab

From Lonely Planet: “This wadi is arguably one of the most gorgeous destinations in Oman. Beyond the breathtaking entrance, the wadi rewards you with views of aquamarine pools, waterfalls and terraced plantations; kingfishers add glorious splashes of colour. For the adventurous, there are plenty of opportunities for (discreet) swimming and a visit to a partially submerged cave.”

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This was a highlight for Michael and I.  We jumped from a cliff into one of the pools. We hiked along cliffs and swam many pools to make our way to the partially submerged cave.

S, 🇴🇲

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  1. shirley trottier says:

    Oh Stephanie, i am so happy you found these memories of your honeymoon. Words alone could not describe the beauty this spot. Beautiful, just does not seem to do it justice… So many loving pictures of you and Michael as you start your life together. Sending much happiness… mama xoxoxo

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